BSX Xtreme Gear


BSX® Carbon Felt Backpad
    • Extreme heat carbon felt with oversized coverage
    • Heat-Standoffs™ keep hottest spots off hand
    • Super flexibility minimizes fatigue

    Size(s):   One size

  • With its unique features, the BX-BP is highly effective at shielding welding gloves from excess welding heat and sparks. A generously oversized coverage area and the use of high performance carbon felt that offers extreme heat protection while staying flexible to minimize fatigue help make this welding accessory special. Undoubtedly, the most innovative feature is the new Heat-Standoffs™. This BSX® exclusive design maintains an air pocket between the heat source and the glove to help insulate the hand from this often hottest point of contact. The BX-BP is completed with an aluminized leather strap at the top, and a combination aluminized leather/cotton elastic strap at the bottom for a durable, snug fit.
    • BSX® pre-oxidized carbon fiber backpad
    • Aluminized back & straps
    • Head-Standoffs™
    • Fatigue-reducing flex design
    • Oversized maximum coverage

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