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SmashPad™ FR Welding Mat

    • Helps to alleviate aches and pains associated with kneeling, sitting, leaning, and more during long welding runs
    • Foam cushioning provides supportive comfort
    • Inherently flame-resistant fiberglass outer shell resists sparks
    • Red 30 oz. silicone-coated fiberglass top surface is twice as thick for extra protection against sparks and spatter, with greater tear and abrasion resistance
    • Convenient carry handle and FR hook-and-loop closures
    • 16” wide x 19” long (16” x 9.5” when folded)
  • Welding can take its toll on your body, not only the occasional burn, but also the sore back, tired arms, tender elbows, and aching knees. Black Stallion® provides relief with our innovative new SmashPad™ Flame-Resistant Welding Mat. The supportive cushioning mat provides comfort when kneeling, sitting, or leaning during long welding runs, and the flame-resistant fiberglass cover resists sparks. You deserve to be comfortable, don’t you?
    • Easy to clean -- Simply wipe off dirt and grime and dry
    • Connect two or more to extend padded surface

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