BSX Xtreme Gear

Press Releases

Press Release
2017 January Black Stallion® Announces New President
2016 December Black Stallion® SmashPad™ FR Welding Mat
2016 November Black Stallion® FlakFinger™ Heat-Shielding Sleeve
2016 May Hi-Vis FR Cotton Jacket and Vest
2016 January Accuflex™ Cut and Impact-Resistant Knit Gloves
2015 June Hi-Vis Impact-Resistant Mechanic's Gloves
2015 June Ultra-Soft Deerskin MIG/TIG Welding Gloves
2015 April Long-Cuff Stick Welding Gloves
2015 January Accuflex™ Dipped Gloves
2014 September TruGuard™ 300 NFPA 2112 UL Certified FR Apparel
2014 July Maximus™ Stick Welding Gloves
2014 February Revco Industries 40th Anniversary
2014 January AngelFire® Women's Mechanic's Gloves
2013 April FR Industrial Umbrella
2012 December QuickFrame™
2012 November GW101 Winter's Mechanic's Gloves
2012 October Arcster™ Arc Rated Gloves
2012 February Impact-Resistant ToolHandz® Mechanic's Gloves
2011 November BSX® Black & Tan Welding Gloves
2010 December AngelFire® LS50 Women's Stick Welding Gloves
2010 November BSX® GB100 Welder's Gearpack
2010 September KnuckleFlex™ Glove Feature
2010 May DragPatch® Side Reinforcement
2010 March Cut-Resistant Gloves
2009 September 25D-BLK 24D-BLK Press Release